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fuji x100 or modern day leica


this little camera punches way above its weight! Once you spend time with it and become familiar with the buttons, and menus, which are not many, this is one helluva camera. The results of this sensor are amazing, I havent touched a leica since I got it. Here's a sample:


Maine winter (cont.)


While snow and plenty of it can be very effective in a landscape or a seasonal scene, it can also limit the photographer choices in making a photograph with a broad appeal, not everyine wants to have a framed photograph of winter in their wall! So a Maine winter, and the long months with snow on the ground creates a challenge to find ways of reducing snow in the frame.

photographing a Maine winter


with limited daylight, extreme temps well below freezing and way too much snow it can be a real test to make photographs in the harsh environments of a Maine winter.

fujix portrait


X-E1 camera, I tried to use the edge of the frame and create negative space for balance.

Fuji x


this is a classic! I am still making the transition from a leica film camera to this little digital gem that fuji has produced and has many a photographer leaving their dslr, the nikons, the canons and yes folks the leicas on the shelf...with a sensor that is 16mp and produces images that can compete with the big boys this fixed lens camera is only restricted by its operator!